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1--Game Genre >> Action
2--Game Developer >>
3--Game Publisher >>

1--OS: Windows 7, Windows Vista,Windows xp or 8
2--Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHZ Intel® or AMD Athlon 64 X4 620+ or higher.
3--Memory: 2GB
4--Graphics: Direct X 10 or 11 Compatible Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTX or ATI HD 4850.
5--Hard Drive: 3 GB
6--Sound: DirectX compatible

  1. First download this software "UTORRENT"  
  2. Second now install this software.
  3. Third click in download link from my site.
  4.  Now double click in download file and automatically open in utorrent.

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14Th August Wallpapers And Timeline Cover

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Ramadan Facebook Timeline Cover

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CID Official Timeline Cover !!

Backup Your Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook, WordPress, Twitter and More, Fore FREE

Just seconds ago, Dr. Awab tweeted that he took backup of his blog, and downloaded almost 1 GB of files on local computer. Just that moment, a co-incidence maybe, I was reading this post by CyberDera about taking online backups of almost every online activity that we usually do – for FREE.
Yes, this very amazing service Backupify, is offering backups for WordPress, Gmail, Hotmail, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Google Docs and what not.
Essentially, for every internet user – they are offering something to backup – and for expats, this is a one stop platform to backup all your online accounts.
If you are using WordPress, stop worrying about backups, as this cloud based backups are automatic, seamless and are free (only if you sign-up before February 15th).
Backupify will keep a copy of your database (.sql file) and blog files separately, that you can access anytime in future.
Though it’s very rare, but we have seen instances of Gmail accounts vanishing and then never appearing back.
If you find your emails very crucial, which I suppose they are, you can add your gmail account as well, to download latest copy of your Gmail data.
And all this comes with extremely easy to manage interface. Usually it doesn’t take more than few clicks to add an account for taking backups.
Based on cloud storage, you need little to worry and there are almost no chances that Backupify will lose your backups. They are using Amazon’s S3′s secure and reliable services. Also to mention, all files are stored with secure keys – so that no one can access them.
If you have your own S3 storage account, you can configure it with Backupify to use your space.
Backupify is offering free sign-up till February 15, 2010, and will remain free who are signing up now. After this date two variants of premium accounts (49$ per year and 79$ per year) will be available, which I find very attractive – with what they are offering.
Click here for Backupify FAQs.

How to Track Invalid Clicks to Safeguard Your Adsense Account?

Lately, many blogs (including us) are facing this issue of being bombarded with invalid clicks on adsense ads – with an aim to get their adsense accounts blocked.
This activity is usually carried out by your rivals or those who are not happy with your existence, call it professional jealousy, personal grudge or any other possible thing.
So here are tips to track invalid adsense clicks, to make sure you are on safe side.
Frequently Monitor of your Adsense Account
  • Make sure that you are monitoring your adsense account at least once a day, 3-4 times a day is even better.
  • Keep a watch on CTR (Click through rate) – to make sure it’s around your daily average
  • If your CTR goes significantly high, then it’s time to start worrying and to do the necessary to make sure you are safe.
Tracking Invalid Adsense Clicks:
If there’s an invalid click activity in your adsense account – there are chances that Google will suspend your account without asking you anything. You will be given only one chance to prove that the clicks were invalid, and didn’t originate from your computer or your friends’ computer.
Google may ask you for IP details or other logs that you may provide them in order to get your account reinstated.
We know that you have Google analytics installed but unfortunately Google Analytics doesn’t provide much details about the visitors, such as their IP addresses, exit links and so on.
So what to do in this situation?
  • Register an account on (I am assuming you are familiar with basic setup, hence not going deep into details)
  • Follow the wizard to add new project (i.e. is your website)
  • Install the code on your website provided by – there’s an option to deploy invisible code (meaning that no counter button will be displayed)
  • You are good to go…
Statcounter will instantly start tracking your website for each single incoming visitor, outgoing links, or you can call them exit links, downloads and much more.
You need to focus on exit link activity to make sure that clicks on ads are valid – and there’s nothing suspicious going on. For this, go to your statcounter account, open the project you just created and check for stats, exit link activity being most crucial of them:
 statcounter thumb How to Track Invalid Clicks to Safeguard Your Adsense Account?
As you can see, there are two google adsense clicks – that ProPakistani has got in last few minutes. We can click on magnifier to see more details, such as IP address, referrer, and more.
Check below screen for one of visitor who clicked on adsense:
Statcounter IP thumb How to Track Invalid Clicks to Safeguard Your Adsense Account?
If you feel that Ad clicks are suspicious, and are coming from same IP with-in short interval of time – then note down the details, taking screenshots is even better and notify Google Adsense by clicking this link:
If you think someone is bugging you real hard, you may even try contacting FIA’s cyber crime wing with all the details. Contacting FIA’s cyber crime wing is explained here.
A note to general readers:
If you are a legitimate reader, you don’t need to worry about anything about the tracking. This is done for the bad people only. You are one of millions of visitors on this website. We make sure that your visit history, cookies and all other details remain safe. Here’s our policy for further details on your privacy.

10 Tips To Get Google Adsense Approved in Pakistan

I know many of you’d desperately want to read this post as Google is now very strict with its Adsense account approval polices, especially for those living in Pakistan.
We know that all professional bloggers are very serious about their blogging and hence they will not get involved in any activity which is against Google Adsense Terms and Conditions. Then why Google is banning Adsense accounts of professional bloggers in third world countries like Pakistan?
Well there is a reason, that has been repeatedly discussed on this website, which is mainly the misuse of Adsense accounts in Pakistan by spammers. They create Google Adsense account via third party websites and upon approval sell these accounts to non professional bloggers, who than put ads on their spammy blogs. Sorry to say but this is not the way to earn money from Google Adsense.
Buying and selling of Google Adsense accounts is not the only misuse in Pakistan. Just pickup the newspaper and look at Classified Ads to see the number of ads related to Google Adsense. All these spammers are trapping innocent people claiming that they will tell a way through which one can easily earn 25,000 to 30,000 Rupees per month. When you contact them and ask them what is the way of earning this much money online, and guess what there answer would be “Google Adsense”.
There are hundreds if not thousands of Groups working in Pakistan, which are misleading people saying that Google Adsense is a easy way to earn money on internet.
Here’s how they trap innocent people:
Almost every trainer/fake teacher creates free blogs on and redirect it to free domain name services like or They pick articles from article directories like or and post 5 to 10 articles on each blog. Now such a blog won’t get adsense approval, hence they get these accounts through third party website like FLixya and Docstoc. After that they put ads on these crappy blogs and show them to innocent people and charge them thousands of rupees.
One more thing I would like to add before I tell you the 10 killer Tips to get your Google Adsense account approved in Pakistan. After creating these blogs they create groups of different peoples in different cities and assign them tasks, such as visiting these websites regularly to generate impressions. Also they ask users to cross-click on Google Ads of other members to earn money.
This whole situation is really terrifying and if it continues Google will surly ban Pakistan. So we must condemn these activities and must educate our people that this is not the way to earn money from Google Adsense.
Below are the few tips through which everybody can get Google Adsense account, which is of course illegal.
10 Tips To Get Google Adsense in Pakistan
1. Buy your own Top level domain and a reputable webhosting service, examples are Godaddy or Hostgator. If you’ll buy cheap webhosting from an ordinary webhost, initially Google might accept your application but after some time when your site traffic increases Google will surly ban your Adsense account because of the slow server speed.
2. Second and most important thing now a days specially after Google Panda Update is choosing a theme or template for your site. Its better to buy premium theme rather than free themes because of SEO optimization and other rich features. This way you can tell Google that you are serious about your blogging profession and you are not a spammer.
3. Some of you might not agree with me but try to use blogger as your blogging platform and avoid WordPress. After Google banned thousands of Pakistani bloggers Adsense accounts i have manually checked nearly 100 blogs and believe me or not more than 90% blogs were on WordPress and very few Top level Domain blogger blogs were banned by Google (as we all know blogger is owned by Google so you can understand).
4. Register your domain on your own name and address and provide same name and address when you apply for Adsense account. Its better to provide working Telephone number, full address including postal code as well.
5. Wait for at-least 6 months before applying for Google Adsense. Yes I know this is the most painful step and you don’t want to wait this long but friends we are not alone in this case. China and India are also with us and Google is not accepting applications from these countries before 6 months.
6. First 6 months of your blog wants real effort and hard work. Write as much quality and unique content as you can. This will surly leave a good impression on Adsense team and no doubt they want to partnership with you.
7. Make sure you blog has neat and clean design and easy to find navigation system. Recently Google has banned many Pakistani bloggers account saying that your blog is not providing user experience.
8. Never apply for Google Adsense if your blog has less content and is not optimized according to Google terms and Conditions. Make sure your blog has Privacy policy, Copyright Policy, Disclaimer, About Us and Contact Us pages before applying for Adsense.
9. Never try to create Adsense account via third party websites like Flixya or Docstoc. If you create account from these websites and put ads onto your blog than you are wasting your blog. In future Google will surly catch you and will ban your account.
10. Make sure that your blog has at-least 300 unique visitors per day before applying for Adsense. If you blog’s traffic’s main source is Facebook than there are little chances that Google will accept your application. Try to optimize your blog so that it gets natural traffic from search engines rather than social networking websites.
Hope it helps.

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How to make free website and earn money from it..

People love to earn money online. Most of the younger or elder everyone wana make money online. Mostly people search on google how to make money or online jobs. Today I will tell you the best way to make money online. Now a days people are making money online by making website. Are you stressed that how to make a website and how to make money from it, dont worry guys today I will tell a best and simple way to make free website and earn money from it. Do you know that the article you reading now on a website is free. Confused?  Yes Guys this website It is called blogging.

Blogging is just like a website but its free .com websites are never free example, but the websites like, the website which ending is with blogspot or anything is free.

What are the benefits of Blogging ?

1. You don't have to spend much time ( if you are genius ).
2. You don't need to go outside and search for jobs for less money.
3. You don't have to give interviews to others ! You are the owner here !
4. You can get money more than your thinking ( if you work really hard for it ).

Confuse how to earn money from it and hard to choose domain name :
This article will probably will help You.

How to Create a Blog ? What are the Requirements ?

1. To create a web blog you will need a gmail acount. - sign up here.
2. After creating gmail acount, Go to and sign in with your gmail acount.
3. If you see old Blogger Interface then click on UPGRADE NOW and upgrade it to latest version.
4. Now in left side you will see ' New Blog ' click on it then a Popup will appear.
5. Fill out the information and click on ' Create Blog ' and you are done !.

For any kind of question fell free to ask. Peace!

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Choose your domain name and earn money from google adsense

Hello guys this is my first blog. I made this blog to help, teach and most important for earning money from google adsense. Today from this article I will help you to choose your domain name and some help for google adsense also. Mostly likely new people in blogging dont know what is google adsense.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a free, simple way for website publishers of all sizes to earn money by displaying targeted Google ads on their websites. AdSense also lets you provide Google search to your website users, while earning money by displaying Google ads on the search results pages.

For more information about google adsense click here!

Now You Guys probably know what is google adsense so we should continue. I will explain you from example of my domain. My domain DesiTeenEntertainment first think when you see to this domin! what first idea or thing came in your mind. Probably my opinon is about teen and entertainment the most traffic you get is from teen because married nor old people would come to your website and I made website for teens so thats good choice for teen and desi when they see desi teen entertainment it attracts there mind and force them to see what's in it. So the first thing is that you should know about what your are making a website then for that you should see a good domain name which will attract people and more google search engine. Google search engine is the best way to get traffic to your website if you have good words means unique and simple words google will hope fully get you a good traffic to your website. In last I wana guide for google adsense again some thing what I knew is that never put illegal stuff like hacking etc because google dont allow for illegal stuff and google adsense would deactivate your account.

I hope this article will help you alot. So dont forget to comment. Be safe and always be happy n more dont forget to share this article with your friends also.  :)  Peace!

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Sweet Things On Sweet Earth :)

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Paid to Write: Earn $30+ Per Post for Writing on Seoallrounder

Do you find topics like blogging, internet marketing and social media interesting? You are good at writing articles, and you would like to earn some extra cash? You are at the right place! We decided we want to give a chance new and creative people to write articles for us! While you write about your favorite topic, you can also make some money! That is right! If you meet our quality guidelines, you can make $30 per article!
What are we looking for?
We are looking for high quality and unique articles. Articles also need to be very well-researched and around our website’s topic. Here are article topics that we are looking for:
• Search engine optimization
• Blogging
• Internet marketing
• Making money online
• WordPress
• Social Media
• Web Design
• Affiliate marketing
• Hosting
• Design and Development
Now when you know what to write about I will tell you how to write high-quality article and increase chances for your article to be accepted.

How to write a high-quality article?

First, you need to know what you want to write about. We gave you some general topics that we accept, and now it is up to you to brainstorm and come up with article topics. How to define a high-quality article? Here are some main points you need to have in mind, while writing your article:
• Write an article that solves some problem
• Engage readers
• Use bullet points
• Use simple words
• Research topic
• Write a great headline
• Educate and entertain
Now that you know basics let’s look at each point closer. High quality article is an article that has information that people are actually looking for. No one will read article that don’t interest them. High quality article needs to solve some problem that reader has. If you offer a solution to that problem and actually help people, you will have a high-quality article. Make sure you use simple words and keep your sentences short. Try to engage users. How to do that? The best way is to use questions. Questions will keep your reader engaged and keep him reading through the article.
Why to use bullet points? Researchers discovered that average internet user just skims through the article searching for important points. That way, you can highlight the most useful information in your article. Use simple words and short sentences. People don’t like to read very long sentences. They get tired and hit back button on their browser. You don’t want that, do you?
Make sure you write great headlines. What do I mean by great headlines? When you write a headline think of the most important point in your article and put it to headline. Some of the popular headlines are “How to” and “7 tips to.” Use words that build excitement. Words like: secret, killer, discover and powerful. Try to educate readers and at the same time entertain them.
Now then you know what we are looking for from an article, close all distractions, open your word editor and start writing! If you have any questions, please contact me on my Contact Us page.

7 Forgotten SEO Tactics Critical to a Site’s Success

Every once in a while, it makes sense to take a step back from your SEO efforts and take a look at your SEO strategy from a bird’s eye view. It’s so easy to get lost in the day to day minutia of running your company, building links, fulfilling customer orders, writing emails, creating blog posts and so on that we don’t actually step back and look at whether or not our strategy is optimal.
Taking a step by to review your SEO strategy only takes an hour or two. Yet this hour or two could easily save you over a dozen hours of work and help you take your rankings to the next level.
Here are seven tips on exactly what you should review and pay attention to.
1 . Your Site Goals and Key Metrics
What are your goals for the website in general? Before addressing SEO specifically, take a step back and look at your overall goals.
Are you trying to build a website that generates enough passive income for you to live off of? Or are you trying to build a site geared to sell for $100 million in five years? The strategy you choose for each of these would be drastically different.
Based on your goals what are your key metrics? Are you on target to hitting those metrics? Are your goals still the same now as they were when you first started your business?
Begin your review from this long term view, then move on to the SEO specifics.
2 .Anchor Text Density
Anchor text density is often a balancing act between having enough density that Google knows what your page is about, without so much density that Google thinks you’re link spamming.
Whenever you get a link, you should try and have the exact link anchor text only about 10% to 20% of the time. You should have a variation of the keyword, a LSI keyword or a longtail version of the keyword another 20% to 30% of the time. The rest of the time, the anchor text should have nothing to do with your keyword.
For example, you might have anchor texts like “click here” or “to learn more” or “check out David’s website at.” Why? Because that’s how natural organic links are built. If you have 100% of your links made up of targeted anchor texts, Google will get suspicious.
3 . Review Your Internal Linking Strategy
How your internal links are currently setup? Is the system out of date? Now might be the time for an update.
For example, let’s say you you’ve been meaning to implement a “related post” function in your site. You’ve been putting it off, because the process is largely manual. You have to go through each post on your site and identify articles that should be linked to.
Yet, if you’ve been meaning to do it for months, chances are you won’t get it done if you don’t just do it.
If your internal linking strategy isn’t strong yet, look at ways to increase the flow of link juice between your pages.
4 .What Keywords Are Sending You Traffic?
Take a look at your traffic logs and see what kinds of keywords are actually sending you traffic. This will tell you a few things.
First, it’ll tell you what Google thinks your website is about. If you think your site is about rabbits but Google keeps sending you traffic about bunnies, you know that Google thinks bunnies are more relevant to your site than rabbits.
Second, it gives you potential new terms to target. For example, you might want to create some exclusive content around bunnies if you’re getting a lot of hits on those terms.

5 . How Are You Doing for Your Target Keywords?
Apart from keywords that you’re ranking for accidentally, how are you doing for keywords that you’re trying to rank for deliberately?
Have you been moving up or down in rankings? Are you on the front page? Do you need to put more effort into ranking for those keywords, or should you switch your focus to a different and easier to rank for keyword?
Evaluate your progress on your target keywords. Figure out whether or not those should still be your target keywords.
6 .Record All Changes, Track Results
Any time you make a fundamental change to the way your site operates, make a note of it. Any time you change your internal linking structure or implement a new linking strategy, make a note of it. Any time you change a title tag, make a note of it.
Then measure your traffic and your rankings. Did your changes work? Did they make things worse? Or did your rankings skyrocket?
Keep meticulous notes of your SEO efforts to make sure you get the most out of what’s working and stop doing what’s not working.
7 .Check your W3C & Schema
If you haven’t checked your WC3 validation recently, check it now. It only takes a few minutes but can give you an easy small boost in the search engines.
Likewise, if you haven’t implemented Schema tags yet, do so now. That’ll tell Google that you’re serious about staying on the cutting edge of technology. Google gives boosts to “brand pages” and implementing Schema will help increase your relevance and authority.
This is a guest post by Mohammed Zeeshan Fatmi, from Directory Maximizer, a company specializing in link building through manual Directory Submissions.